Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bikinis ♥ Music

 Music Festival Season is in FULL SWING and us Bunnies couldn't be more excited!  Our Miami girls kicked off a series of ROCKIN' Beach Bunny festival events at the Shelborne Pool Party during this years Winter Music Conference.  

The Bunnies of South Beach are ready to PARTY with Lucciano lookin' HOT in their Beach Bunny Bikinis!

 The Shelborne was MUSIC HEAVEN during WMC hosting some of the biggest DJs at their Pool of course this is where you'd find all the Beach Bunnies!

 The beautiful Bottle Servers showing some Beach Bunny love!

 Every girl wanted to rock one of these Beach Bunny Bandeaus

 Want a pair of these Beach Bunny Party Glasses??!! We will be giving them out this Saturday at our retail stores Festival Fashion party!! 

Everything that Glitter Spotted!!

Stay Tuned...Beach Bunnies are always the life of the party, so there will be many more Music Festival events to come!

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